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Give your engineering or architectural or Broadcast drawings a boost with drafting and Programming services from Matrix CAD Solutions, LLC. At MCS, we supply the tools you need with guaranteed performance. You'll save steps and paper with our innovative processes as we help increase efficiency and streamline production. 

By making use of our software plug-ins, you will significantly improve the time it takes to process your CAD files. 

Our One Pick Plot application  lets you predefine a number of plot settings and then print your drawing to paper or PDF with the push of a button.  Additionally, we offer simplified CAD software solutions to search your drawings for specific text strings. It finds the strings puts them in a spreadsheet and lets you zoom to a phrase on the drawing by clicking on it in the spreadsheet. Search entire folder trees. 

We Offer These Top-Notch CAD Programs to Make Your Work Easier:

One Pick Plot Global Find

Innovating the CAD Drawing Process

At our company, we want to help make your engineering design processes go as smoothly as possible. That is why we are focused on providing high-quality apps and plugins to be used with AutoCAD. With our software solutions, your company will improve productivity and streamline performance. To learn more about our applications or to learn how to integrate and use them with your own copy of AutoCAD, reach out to our office. Our team is always happy to answer any of your questions and help you use our software solutions. We can even offer you advice on other ways to streamline your AutoCAD processes. 

Get customized AutoCAD programming from Matrix CAD Solutions, LLC today.

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About Us

Matrix CAD Solutions of Byram Township, New Jersey, is a technology company dedicated to making your AutoCAD drawing sessions easier and more precise by writing plug-ins for AutoCAD software. Our programs save you time as you search for precise phrases within large drawing packages. Our company offers a one pick plot program that sizes your drawing and automatically sends it to any preselected printer with the click of a button. With that one click, you also have the opportunity to preview and cancel before wasting paper. Our Global Find lets you Zoom in on a particular phrase in any drawing with a click on a phrase in the found spreadsheet. It also can zoom out to get a better location without exiting the program, you also have the opportunity to edit the phrase and save the drawing.

With over 30 years of AutoCAD experience, we're passionate about our work and guarantee our programming. We also offer time-saving tips for use with our programs and encourage you to visit our Tip of the Month page. Please contact us for more information.


Contact us to learn more about our software solutions for AutoCAD. We proudly serve our clients Nationwide. 


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